Protect Your Drywall from Mildew

Ways to Protect your Drywall from Mildew in Sonoma County

One thing that will deteriorate drywall quickly is mildew. If left for too long, it will destroy the drywall beyond repair whereby you will need to hire a company such as Patch Up Pros to remove the damaged drywall and replace it with new walls. This is an expense that you can avoid if you take the proper steps. Below is a list of three ways to protect your bathroom walls and ceiling from mildew, causing irreparable damage that would require drywall repair services such as ours.

Choose Mildew-Resistant Paint

After you have enjoyed a hot steamy shower, and having melted all your troubles away, your bathroom walls will have absorbed the remaining moisture. This creates the perfect conditions for the growth of mildew. One of the things that you can do to deter this is to choose a paint that resists mildew; or one that has a mildew-resistant additive mixed into it. This gives your walls an extra measure of protection.

Keep It Well Ventilated

Mildew grows well in damp places which makes a wet bathroom a prime breeding ground. To eliminate the remaining moisture, turn on the exhaust fan while you are showering and let it run for 30 minutes after you shut off the water. This helps ensure that the walls and ceilings will dry properly. If you have a window in the bathroom that is a wonderful way to help eliminate the excess moisture as well.

Let there be Light

Mildew thrives in the darkness. Homeowners should consider the benefit of not shutting off the bathroom lights directly after taking a shower. Sure, we all need to be energy conscious but not at the expense of damaging our bathroom walls and ceilings from mildew growth. Perhaps the best solution is to put those lights on a timer. And as stated before, if you have a bathroom window, crack it open and let the light and fresh air in.

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